Friday, May 13, 2011


This is just a quick post:

When my son was almost three we took him to the VANS store and picked out a cool pair of new shoes.   They were slip-ons with white fading to grey outlines of flames.  My son's aunt and I deemed them the "badass" shoes.  That word sounds pretty awesome to almost three year olds apparently and soon every other word was "Badass".  Badass this and badass that and badass badass.  Soon it was an epidemic of badass around the house.  So we sat down and had a conversation about "grown-up words".  Now I must admit I started the "badass" situation but it was going too far.  So, I discussed the words that were reserved for grown-up use ONLY.  Then we talked about how "badass" was ok for his shoes but other than that he was never EVER to use the word.  OK...this was a conversation with an almost three year old.  I didn't expect it to sink in fast or maybe ever at all but I was determined to reiterate my point when needed.  Soon after the conversation, maybe several days or a week, my son and I were doing something.  I guess it was something pretty cool even though I don't recall but he looked up at me and said "mommy, you're like my shoes."  I was a little confused and probably just stared at him.  So he said again "Mommy, you are like my shoes!"  Again I was missing it and asked him what he said.  "you are like my shoes!"  Then I realized it..."I'm badass?" I asked...and it was answered with a resounding "YES!"  My almost three year old had made his first simile and I'm totally to blame...but remember I'm BADASS!