Monday, May 23, 2011

Even my kid knows:

My husband got some time off from him temporary position at ___ university and decided to come home to spend time with  us.  My schedule was not so nice during that time and it ended up with him hanging out with our son while I worked at various events.  The first day I woke up and left around 8:30 am while everyone else slept so snug in their beds.  They had some stuff to do around the house but after it was all done they were free to go out and do whatever they wanted....which usually means go to the park because that is FREE!  This time apparently it was not limited to the park because when I got home they were playing a new video game called "de blob"...not sure where the appeal is there but the two of them really enjoyed it, so I won't complain.  Then they told me all about their day.  First the dishwasher delivery people showed up 20 minutes earlier than quoted and didn't call like they said.  Then they went to the park for a little bit but they were hungry.  So they made their way to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  And while out daddy thought the game store was the next best place to go (and the whole reason for this post because my husband insisted that I blog about blame him). 
So they are in the game store looking at all the games and our four year old is pulling each one off the shelf going "this looks cool, this one is great" or "this one looks fun, it's cool".  He does this with almost every game in the store until they come to the Michael Jackson this is it or the experience or w/e it is called.  My son quickly puts it back on the shelf.  This causes my husband to be curious.  Said curiosity results in this:
Daddy:  Doesn't this one look cool?
Son:  No, Daddy
Daddy:  Why not?
Son:  It looks SCARY!

See people, even my four year old knows Michael Jackson is scary!