Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking GOOD!

So my father has been begging me to use his electric razor and cut his hair.  And while when I was younger I would have jumped at this opportunity (mainly because I don't have the first idea how to use the thing and he would probably end up with zigzags or his name in his hair) but now that I'm older, making my father look like a fool just isn't as amusing as it once was.  I don't want to make him mad though, after all he is letting my son and myself stay with him until my husband gets a permanent job and we know where we will be living.  So, I keep telling him I'll do it "later".  Hopefully he doesn't catch on that later is never coming. 

So that story isn't very funny (at least it wasn't when I typed it) but it is important to what happened today.  Recently I did two things a) started a new job!  b) decided to go back to school.  Since the community college campus is close to my new job, I decided to buy my books and turn in my time sheet for work in one trip.  Now I'm sort of broke and my car is out of gas (with gas over $4 a gallon I'm not buying any anytime soon!)...so I asked my dad if he needed anything in the other county.  He decided he wanted to do some things over there so he agreed to drive us.  We're riding a long and my son is in the backseat making up jokes that only he finds amusing (example:  Granddad, what kind of flower jumps up in the water?  (granddad guesses "a waterlily") Answer:  A red flower.  *laughs hysterically at his joke while granddad and I stare at each other in confusion*).  We are in the front trying to make conversation and son is in the backseat trying to make his own conversation all the while shouting "why are you talking over me, stop talking over me".  We drive the 20-30 minutes to the college campus and buy the one book I need that they have and order the one that wasn't in and then head to my job's shop. 
We are driving down the road and my son in the backseat starts talking
"where are we going now?" 
I respond "to my work and then where ever granddad needs to go next." 
Granddad seeing we are pretty close to the barber shop jokingly adds "to get that haircut that your mom was supposed to give me."
4 year old says "why?"
I respond (since my 4 year old has a Beatles style haircut)  "cause granddad is starting to look like you!"
4 year old says "Oh okay, we're looking good!"
And while I must agree the haircut looks good on him...some how it just isn't a good fit for his 60+ year old granddad with receding hairline and grey/silver highlights.

My kid looks good and he knows it, boy am I in for trouble!